Halaqah Timings :

7:00 PM- 7:30 PM on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday

Youth- InshaAllah, on Fridays,  Imam Talha will be conducting a general youth halaqah over Zoom,  geared towards teenagers 13 and above. InshaAllah, he will discuss relatable and beneficial topics for the youth of our community.


Family Halaqah-  This Halaqah will also take place on Zoom on Fridays.


Tafsir Halaqahs- Tuesdays: On Tuesdays, Imam Talha will conduct a Tafsir Halaqah where he will be providing a brief explanation of the most often-read surahs in the Quran.  Currently, we are covering the final surahs of the 30th Juz,  Juz Amma.


Fiqh Halaqahs- Wednesdays: On Wednesdays, Imam Talha will conduct a class on the essentials of Fiqh or Islamic Law, where listeners can learn the essentials of purification, Salaah, and other important rulings in Islam.

Polaris Masjid

8542 Cotter St, Lewis Center, OH 43035

phone: (937) 506-0850

email: info@polarismasjid.org