Halaqas and kahtiras take place in person and over zoom weekdays after maghrib. 


Tafsir Halaqahs- Tuesdays: On Tuesdays, Imam Talha will conduct a Tafsir Halaqah where he will be providing a brief explanation of the most often-read surahs in the Quran.

Fiqh Halaqahs- Wednesdays: On Wednesdays, Imam Talha will conduct a class on the essentials of Fiqh or Islamic Law, where listeners can learn the essentials of purification, Salaah, and other important rulings in Islam.

Thursday Halaqas : topics centered around youth and more.

Hadeeth khatira – Mondays through Fridays : a short hadeeth khatira in person will be given on Monday through Friday after Fajr salah at the masjid.

Polaris Masjid

8542 Cotter St, Lewis Center, OH 43035

phone: (937) 506-0850

email: info@polarismasjid.org