Dear brothers and sisters:


As you may all know that we are having increasing number of COVID-19 infections over the last several weeks in the State of Ohio and especially in Franklin & Delaware County. The newly diagnosed cases were previously averaging less than 2000 per day for several weeks but on November 13,   8000 new cases have been reported within 24 hours period.



Here are some key stats from the State of Ohio Website:


On October 26, 2020 Governor Mike DeWine had a conference call with Muslim community leaders in Ohio. There were about 80 participants. This is the first time that Governor has reached out to Muslim community leaders since the pandemic started in March this year. Governor gave us an update regarding COVID-19 pandemic and sought help from Muslim community to try to control the spread of the disease.

Current trends are very concerning. We as Muslim community are not immune to whatever is happening around us. We are at an increased risk of potential exposure to the virus when we congregate in the masjid. We have to do our part as community members to protect ourselves, our brothers and sisters and community members we interact with. Adminstartion of the the masjid has been monitoring the situation very closely.

On Nov 15, 2020 we also had a conference call with the other Masajid leaders in Central Ohio including Columbus, Cincinnati, Dayton and Springfield coordinated by CAIR-OHIO regarding need to minimize the risk of exposure of the people coming to the Masajid for Jumaa’ prayer and daily prayers.

The Board at Polaris Masjid has come up with the following plan to minimize the risk for our congregants during Jumaa’ prayer starting 11/20/20:

  • There will be only ONE Jumaa’ prayer instead of two.
  • Only MEN will be permitted for Jumaa’. Women and children are requested to stay home
  • Jumaa’ khutbah will be very short (only Arabic part) to meet the obligatory requirement. There will be no bayan in English prior to the khtubah.
  • Khutah will start at 1:30 pm or as soon as we reach capacity (about 60 people)
  • People are requested to perform Sunnah prayer and Tasbih at home
  • We request people with high risk conditions, for example: lung disease, heart disease, cancer, kidney disease or obesity to stay at home. People over the age of 70 are also advised to stay home

Insha-Allah we will continue to conduct THREE daily prayers (Fajar, Maghrib and Isha) for now.

The following precautions remain MANDATORY for all the attendees at the masjid at all times without exception:

  • Face Mask covering mouth and nose
  • Prayer rug
  • Social distancing
  • No access to wudu area
  • Leaving the masjid right away after fard prayer. Sunnah prayer and tasbih to be performed at home

We ask all of you help the administration to keep the masjid safe for the congregants and advise people around you to practice precautions so that we can continue to keep the masjid open in these trying times.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

We ask Allah subhanawataa’la to protect us all and give us patience and strength during this trial.

Polaris Masjid

8542 Cotter St, Lewis Center, OH 43035

phone: (937) 506-0850