Polaris Masjid is pleased to announce in-person Quran Intensive Program for ages ages 6 and up to take place this summer:
June 13, 2021-August 08, 2021.

Imam Talha Lasania will lead program at Polaris Masjid from 5:00-7:00 pm Monday-Thursday.

Program will be offered on 3 levels:

1) Learning to read Arabic words ( Qaidah)
2) Learning to read entire verses with Tajweed  (Quranic reading fluency)
3) Memorization of entire surahs from 30th Juz.

Now open for registration online. Please click the link below for online registration form :
Registration Form
Tuition fee per child $250 for the complete program. If you are registering online please bring payment on the first day of school.

Please note payment can only be made by cash or check payable to ICDC (Islamic Center of Delaware County)

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