Taraweeh Prayers

Inshallah Taraweeh prayers will be held nightly following Isha prayer starting Wednesday March 22nd .

Prayers will be led by our Imam Talha Lasania and Br. Essa Gul.

We intend to offer 20 rakaats & finish the Holy Quran during this blessed month Inshallah.

Short Khatira after Isha Adhan Mondays-Thursday, after 8 rakat Fridays and Saturdays

Doors open 10 minutes before Isha time -Isha 9:01 pm first night.

Isha Iqama will be 5 minutes after the start of Isha prayer time daily. So the first night Iqama will be 9:05 pm.

For the prayer timings please refer to our website https://polarismasjid.org/ or our Masjidbox phone app . The latter maybe downloaded using the links on our website.

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Short Daily Khatira

Imam Talha will be offering a short daily Khatira after Isha Adhan Mondays Thursday and after 8 rakat Taraweeh prayer Fridays and Saturdays.


 Salah Iqamah times

The masjid will be open for all 5 daily prayers. Doors open 10 minutes before Iqamah timing as posted on our website, Prayer timings and our Masjidbox mobile app whose link is downloadable from our website.

Fajr prayer Iqama will be 15 minutes after beginning of Fajr time during Ramadan. Iqama first day at 6:31 am.

Isha Iqama will be 5 minutes after beginning of Isha time daily.



We will be collecting and disbursing Fitra and Fidyah. The amount per person is $12 .Deposit your Fitra is as early as possible in one of our drop boxes. Your early contributions help us to disburse the money in a timely fashion to the needy through Muslim Family Services of Ohio before Eid-ul-Fitr.

Fitra is $10 per person.
Fidya is $10 a day.


Tahajjud prayers will take place in last 10 days from April 12th -April 21st at 4 am  led by Br. Safwan Alyassary and Br. Abdallah Alsheri


Arrangements for Atikaaf will be made for a limited number of brothers during the last 10 days of Ramadan. Announcements to be made soon.

Eid-Ul Fitr Prayer

Eid ul-fitr Salah will take place at the masjid on Friday April 21st :

First Salah Iqama : 7:15 am

Second Salah Iqamah : 8:15 am

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