Masjid Expansion/Relocation

Polaris Masjid is expanding (as promised)!

NOW is the time to continue supporting us and helping us meet the growing needs of our community.

ALHAMDULILLAH !   OUR COMMUNITY MEETING & FUNDRAISER on Saturday Jan 21st, 2017 was a success ! We were able to raise over $250,000 which enabled us to purchase the new property in March for $490,000.

We will be posting periodic updates to the community as progress is made towards the opening of the new Masjid. The units are presently under lease through November 2017 at which time we will gain access & after tailored renovations we expect to relocate in early 2018. We seek participation from all of you in this effort and welcome all feedback and advice that will help us serve our community better.

Our sincere thanks to all of you took time out of their weekend to attend the event and gave generously for our Masjid. We also thank the many who were not able to attend but gave generously … and thanks to all who made dua’a for the Masjid and many who are still giving and have intention to give for the sake of Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala.


In keeping with our promise to the community 3 years ago and recognizing the growing needs of our community, we have purchased a larger space for Polaris Masjid for $490,000 The new property is located very close to our current space in the ” Green Meadows complex “. It consists of 4 adjoining units. The front two units are located at 8542/8544 Cotter Road and the rear two units are at 628/630 Bear Run. A few photos are posted below. It is approximately  7,000 square feet. All four units are leased till November 2017.We plan to continuing leasing one unit for continued income. We have covered this cost with a sharia-compliant loan from La-Riba and the remaining in donations from you and others in our very generous community. InshaAllah, we intend pay to off the loan as soon as possible using equity from our current building, about $200,000, & further donations from our generous community.

Please continue to give fee-sabeelillah to this noble cause and for the future of our children.It is only with your help and Allah’s Barakah that we will be able to achieve our goal and serve our community.
Jazak-Allah Khair,

Br. Dr. Mohiuddin Ghazi, President
Br. Kazi Khan, Vice President
Br. Dr. Shahzad Khan, Treasurer
Br. Nabeel Raazi, Secretary
Br. Dr. Fareed Shaikh, Member of the Board
Br. Mohammad Bawazeer, Member of the Board
Br. Dr. Husain Rasheed, Member of the Board
Br. Dr. Saber Ahmad, Member of the Board
Br. Azhar Madni, Member of the Board

The Masjid is open for Jummah and 5 daily prayers Click here for Detail
Masjid Location: 8542 Cotter Street Lewis Center, OH 43035
Sunday Islamic School starting September 8th